Learning Resources - all you need to keep learn at home

Different level and different topics. Activities rangin from learning about numbers to cooking, road safety, behaviour and more

Holiday Relates - Visual Strategies - Travel, Swimming....

Going away or staying at home? There is many ideas in pictures that you can use with your child. more

Personal Communication Passports - for moving school...

PCP is a piece of information written about an individual by others who know them well. Essesncial for transfer beatween services.

Social Stories - describes a situation of relevant social cues

The goal of a Social Storyâ„¢ is to share accurate social information. Follow the link for examples are free resources. more

Going to the Doctor, Dentist, to see Nurse - Visual Support and Tips

Things can only get better when we are able to relax and address the issuea with professionals. How to support your child?

Toilet - Visual Support - Ideas & books, material recommendations..

One of the most Sucessful Achivement of early parenting and i did it :)

Sleeping, Night, Day - Tips, Ideas and lots of Visual Resources....

Coming soon

Cinema - Going to the Cinema or Show - What to expect

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Transport - going to places, walking - Support and Ideas

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Food - PECS, Picture Support, Cooking Support...

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Getting Dress - All baout Clothing - Support and Ideas

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Haircut - Visual Support , Tips and Ideas

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